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Researchers Identify Water Rich Meteorite Linked to Mars Crust

Source:  NASA RELEASE 13-011 Excerpt: …NASA-funded researchers analyzing a small meteorite that may be the first discovered from the Martian surface or crust have found it contains 10 times more water than other Martian meteorites from unknown origins. This new class of meteorite was found in 2011 in the Sahara Desert weighs approximately 11 ounces (320 grams). ...a team of U.S. scientists determined the meteorite formed 2.1 billion years ago .... "The age of NWA 7034 is important because it is significantly older than most other Martian meteorites," said Mitch Schulte, program scientist for the Mars Exploration Program …Most Martian meteorites are divided into three rock types, …Shergotty, Nakhla, and Chassigny. These "SNC" meteorites currently number about 110. …Although NWA 7034 has similarities to the SNC meteorites, …"The texture of the NWA meteorite is not like any of the SNC meteorites," said co-author Andrew Steele… http://www.nasa.g